The Blueflowers at the Jazz Cafe and More!

Please join us for a special evening of music at the Jazz Cafe at Music Hall this Thursday, July 9th. Anthony Retka will be starting things off, accompanied by Emily Rose, and The Blueflowers will follow with a rare, stripped-down set. This is a wonderful and intimate space with limited seating. Music at 8pm, $5 cover. Then we have the Ferndale staple, Pig & Whiskey, on Sunday, July 19th, set time around 7pm. Pig & Whiskey is a FREE event!

Our Busy Summer Starts Saturday!

Our summer schedule kicks off this Saturday, May 30th! First, we will be playing Ferndale Pride 2015 on the main stage at 5pm…this is an ALL AGES and FREE event! Next, we are off to New York City to play The West End Lounge on June 12th. If you know anybody in the NY area, let them know to come and say hi! Then we have Northville Arts and Acts on June 19th, where we will be playing TWO sets at 7pm and 8:45pm.

There is more to come – we will post another update soon…hope to see you at a show!


It’s been a little over five years since The Blueflowers came into existence, and every time we have a “first” we still get terribly excited.  Our first show at The Magic Bag, our first show at the DIA, our first time on the radio, our first Pig & Whiskey, our first time playing with this band or that person or at this place, etc., our first time in the paper, our first full band interview, our first trip to NYC, Chicago, Ann Arbor…Some of those firsts end up also being our only, some end up being mind-blowing nights or experiences that we’ll never forget, and on very rare occasion, some of those firsts end up being total let downs.  We look at all these things as experiences shared with friends, not just as a band.  We’ve been really lucky to have a lot of exciting adventures so far and this year is already looking to be our most exciting year yet!Our next two adventures are both firsts and things we want to make sure you all know about, and we can only hope that you will spread the word.

So, here we go…

On April 10th, we will be attending the Detroit Music Awards at the Fillmore in Detroit, a first for most of us, but not all.  For the FIRST time, we are included on the final ballot and we’re up in three categories! We are nominated in the Americana Artist/Group and Americana Recording categories, and Kate has been nominated for Americana Vocalist! These awards are based on a voting process (by registered DMA voters, which is limited to people involved in some way in the music industry/scene ’round these parts), so we are beyond grateful to the people that nominated us.  We are also terribly flattered and thrilled that our hard work this last year is being recognized in this way. As cliché as it sounds, it is truly an honor to be nominated alongside such talented artists in this incredible scene of ours. Voting ends March 29th, so we hope if you’re a DMA voter, or know a DMA voter, that you/they vote Bloofs and we’ll find out  at the big show on April 10th!

Our next adventure comes a little later in April, when we’ll be taking our FIRST band field trip to Grand Rapids and playing a show at Tip Top Deluxe Bar & Grill!  The date is Friday, April 17th, and we’ll be joined by Grand Rapids locals, British Racing Green.  We’ve been wanting to play other towns in Michigan for a long long while, so we can’t wait for this one!  We’ve heard from our friends that Tip Top is a great venue, so we hope that you’ll meet us there if you’re in the area and tell your friends!

More exciting shows are in the works that we’ll be sure to share as the details sort themselves out.

Please be sure to subscribe (to the right), so you’ll be the first to know when we post an update! Until next time…  Happy Spring and virtual hugs and cheers to you all!

This Weekend!

Our Next show is THIS Saturday, March 7th, at The Loving Touch in Ferndale! Our good friends, The Whiskey Charmers, have asked us to join them in celebrating the release of their self-titled, debut album! We are thrilled to be back at The Loving Touch and to be sharing a stage with Nina & The Buffalo Riders for the first time! We’re kicking the night off and hope you will join us for the celebration!
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Happy New Year!

First and foremost, us Bloofs would like to thank you for your tremendous support in 2014.  We are so grateful to each and every one of you and can’t wait to see what adventures 2015 has in store!Second, we’ve added a lovely subscription button to the right where you can simply put in your email address, click subscribe, and then do a quick confirmation through email, and you will then get notified anytime we post an update to this website. While we appreciate the platform that Facebook has provided to communicate with all of you, with each new restriction that Facebook implements in an attempt to monetize our ability to reach our fans, we fear that the people who want to keep in touch with us are missing important updates.  Essentially, we are asking you to join a long overdue mailing list so we can engage with those of you that really want to know, outside of Facebook.And finally, a massive show announcement!  We will be making our way back to The Magic Bag stage for A Blue Valentine’s Day, joined by Blaire Alise & The Bombshells and Misty Lyn & The Big Beautiful, on Saturday, February 14th!  Below is the glorious show poster that our good friend, Annette DeLorean, made for us (she also did the kick ass artwork for At the Edge of Disaster).

If you would like to join the Facebook Event, so it’s on your calendar, you can do so here: Facebook Event Page

Don’t forget to subscribe to keep in touch with us and we hope to see you soon!





New Video and band update!

We’ll be taking a break from live shows for a couple of months, but will be announcing a big show in the New Year very soon. You might also catch Kate & David hitting up some open mics around town. In the meantime, here is our video for I Can’t Let Go. It was shot and edited by Bernie Edlred and Tony Hamera. Enjoy!