Blueflowers New Album Pre-Orders Are Here!

That’s right, friends…for all who’ve been asking, here is your chance to pre-order our new album, ‘Circus On Fire’! As you may or may not know, we’ve had a bit of a musical shake-up since we released our last album, ‘At The Edge of Disaster’ in 2014 – a few member changes and a very different approach to our songwriting process. 

Today we are launching our pre-order campaign through – a great platform for helping independent artists get their music to their fans. We are also extremely excited to be releasing our new video/single, ‘Look At Yourself’.

The digital album will be available on November 1st via and the vinyl on November 24th. To celebrate its release, our LP Release Party will be on Nov 24th at Ghost Light in Hamtramck…more info down the road for that one :)

Please click the banner below to go to our PledgeMusic page and pre order your CD, downloads, or vinyl today!

Thank you for supporting independent music! xoxoxoxo