Important Band Update!

Hello friends!

     I’m writing this special blog post to let you all knowwhat’s been going on and what to expect from us in the future. As you may or may not know, we’ve been going through some personal (and musical) changes within the band the past 18 months or so. Since July of 2016, we’ve lost two members, gained one back, and have recommitted ourselves to our music and achieving something new and original in the future…and that future starts NOW… First, a little recap for you…

    Last year, we brought Marvin Shaouni back into the fold as our bass player (after Erica, our original bassist, left in 2016). Marvin was our original drummer and was with us for the recording of Watercolor Ghost Town (2009). Having him back today has completely changed the energy and musical focus of the band with his gritty, percussive, playing style.

     This past weekend we said goodbye to Erin, our longtime keyboardist and backing vocalist, who has chosen to move on from music (for now, at least) and pursue a new life in Ohio. We have collectively chosen not to attempt to replace her special talents and to move forward as a five-piece band.

     With all that’s gone on, we felt compelled to try something new and (hopefully) exciting for all of our fans. The new ideas we are coming up with for the sound is a paradigm shift for us. Because of that, I briefly flirted with the idea of starting a whole new band, but decided to just shake things up in Blueflowers land and not throw away all we’ve achieved.

    So what should you expect from us going forward? Well, musically we’ve stripped it down, beefed it up, purchased some fuzz pedals, smashed the acoustic guitar (not really, just symbolically), and threw our old cookbook in the trash…that’s about all I want to tell you at the moment; we want to really surprise you folks when the time is right. Our plan is to get into the studio, release our 5th album sometime in 2018, play some shows, and just have a good time.

     Until then, we’ll see you for the first time as Blueflowers on March 2nd for The Hamtramck Music Festival.

Tony Hamera
Feb 2018